a tailored service

On your behalf, we invest our time, knowledge and integrity to help you find and secure the property that is right for you. Our fee is higher than that of a selling agent as it reflects the bespoke service we offer. Here are five things you can expect from us.

We take time to understand you

One of the most important aspects of our job is to be able to build a relationship with you from the very beginning of your search. We take the time to ensure this happens.

We put you first

We restrict the number of clients that we take on to make sure each one receives our fullest attention. We never take on multiple clients with the same budget and brief.

Our knowledge makes a difference

Our extensive knowledge of both London and the country enables our advisers to help you navigate the complexities of those markets and seek out the right opportunities.

You can rely on our experience

Our small and specialist team has close to 100 years of experience of the UK property market. A closely knit team ensures that each client benefits from the expertise of all our colleagues.

We will give honest advice

We take the view that poor or biased property advice will only harm you and us.