about us


Property Logic was first established 1997, when Guy Morton set up a company to represent the interests of a handful of private clients buying luxury property in Central London.

Over the years, these original clients recommended his services to their friends, families and colleagues, and the company started to grow organically. He did not intend to build a large company; he simply wanted to build a company based on service and satisfaction. The success of Property Logic is purely down to his clients sharing their positive experiences of the company.


Today, Property Logic still operates in exactly the same way, with service and satisfaction at the heart of everything they do. The company is structured to cover the areas of demand while still providing expert local advice and a personal one-to-one service.

Property Logic is a totally independent company and is solely owned. The company has no investors or external owners to report to, so there is no pressure to generate profit for the sake of it. Property Logic’s only obligation is to their clients so they can be assured they are receiving best possible advice at all times.