We would be happy to put you in touch with past clients, but here are some extracts from letters received.

Living in the US, we were concerned that identifying, far less buying, a property would be a long and complicated process. We had an approximate idea of what we wanted, but it was pretty approximate.

“The team at Prime Purchase quickly and easily guided us to a more complete brief, where we had an excellent understanding of the market by geography and type of property. The selection process was remarkably quick and painless. Their negotiation skills were excellent, as was their local knowledge, guidance and advice.

“Having met most of the team at the early stage of our search, we would have been happy to have worked with any of them. From our first meeting to exchange of contracts, it took 12 weeks, which was quite remarkable, given our initial uncertainty as to our specific needs.

“We could not have been happier with the outcome and would highly recommend Prime Purchase. A seemingly difficult process was made incredibly easy.

James was the ultimate professional and without his assistance we could not have achieved the end result. I have never been educated so quickly on any subject in such a short period of time. I knew next to nothing about the London property market and while I am not professing to be an expert now, my knowledge base has been expanded vastly.

“We had a bit of fun on the way but when you are viewing in excess of 30 properties over two days a sense of humour is essential.

“I can honestly say, without hesitation, that I recommend others use your service.

I recently bought a Grade-I listed house, which probably wouldn’t have happened without Prime Purchase. Having someone on my side with many years’ experience of buying these houses helped me focus on the real issues and what I really wanted. I looked at a number of houses, most of which were never publicly available and was able to save many wasted trips by getting the true story behind several incredible-looking properties. I was able to compare the house I eventually did buy against the many that I saw. Negotiating through a buying agent gave me a degree of separation from the seller, probably leading to a more frank and productive discussion between buying agent and selling agent.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Prime Purchase again. They got me access to houses I would never have seen advertised for sale and covered their fees, and more, by achieving a lower price than I would have managed on my own. Buying a large country house raises a different range of issues from staffing, running costs and maintenance through to obtaining listed building consent for alterations. Having spent decades dealing with country houses, Robin and Charlie were able to answer these questions easily.

Jazmin has recently helped us find a family property in Islington. We were relocating back to the UK after eight years away and we were unsure of the London property market and where would best suit us as a family. As we were not based in the UK we had a very short window for viewing properties. Jazmin arranged two days of solid viewings and by the end we had seen all that Islington had to offer and therefore were able to confidently submit an offer for a four bedroom house near Highbury Fields. The negotiations went to sealed bids and Jazmin navigated us through the potentially stressful process calmly and expertly and we exchanged and completed 8 weeks after our first meeting.

In addition to helping us find our new home Jazmin has done everything possible to make the relocation as stress-free as possible. She has recommended insurance brokers, solicitors and surveyors as well as contractors for our renovations and nurseries for our children. Where there were some damp issues with the house Jazmin arranged for quotes to remedy the problems and negotiated to have the house price reduced accordingly. She also contacted the utility companies and the council on our behalf to set-up new contracts. Whilst the property was unoccupied Jazmin held some keys and made regular visits to check all was in order and as a final detail way above and beyond her duties Jazmin arranged for a fun toy to be waiting in our son’s room so his first visit to the house would be positive and memorable.

Prime Purchase and Jazmin have looked after us incredibly well and we would have no reservations recommending them to friends, family and other buyers. We can honestly say that there wasn’t a moment of stress throughout the entire process. We will definitely be using them again.

Being in Singapore has allowed us to buy a property in London to rent out while we live overseas. We looked into various properties on the market and quickly found that managing the buying process from Singapore was going to be very tough. We met Prime Purchase in Singapore and were able to explain exactly what our objectives were and the type of property we were looking for. We had to consider very carefully the cost of Prime Purchase as part of our overall investment but having now bought the property I can say with confidence we did the right thing in using their services. We were well supported, updated and managed throughout the process and our objectives were well understood. We had the confidence to buy the property blind given the information and care in which Prime Purchase presented the property to us.
Once we bought it we travelled to London and met in one day the buying agent, the renting agent and the builder to agree the budget and scope of work that had to be done to get the propoerty rented. Prime Purchase organised everything for us and also introduced us to an excellent mortage broker and lawyer who took care of everything we needed for the purchase. The property is now complete and ready to rent out – we are delighted with the work that has been done.
Many thanks to all at PP for a fantasic job.

Thank you for all you did for us in finding our property. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the times we spent with you on this interesting search! You made it so easy! We shall certainly recommend you to any others in a similar situation!!

Thanks so much, James – for this and for all your help, patience, planning etc during this process: one which we shall gladly recommend to others. You couldn’t have been more kind and/or considerate to two old buffers!!

We recently moved to London from Canada. The method of buying a house is completely different and Jazmin thoroughly explained the process. She recommended an area based on our criteria and took us to see many houses, some good and some for a basis of comparison. She explained the pros and cons and potential of each one.

When we found “the one”, Jazmin acted on it quickly and professionally, securing a period of exclusivity and negotiating on our behalf. She gave us excellent advice along the way and since we had not yet relocated, was very helpful in getting things done for the exchange and completion.

We are very happy in our new home!